Over the years my work in the visual arts has evolved through many incarnations in form and technique. My first love was photography, specifically exploring the possibilities of the darkroom and the alternative process, introduced to me through the history and study of camera-less imagery; originating in the 30’s and 40’s.

While earning my BFA in photography I began to gravitate to graphic design. I then discovered that these two elements…graphics and photography were compatible allies.

As I continued to explore a good fit of how I could combine and embrace a strong interest in imagery, design and color, I moved aggressively into collage… while remaining in & out of the darkroom. During this time I found my work, along with my voice, to be actively seeking a political and social commentary.

It was 7 years ago when I transitioned from the east to the west coast. It was not until I began to acclimate to a new location I would observe the enormous diversity, in a city, I now call home. San Francisco is a blended tapestry of size, shape, color and gender that has forged the work I do today. Words, texture and markings are often hidden beneath a layering process. Under the imagery is an excavated outgrowth of the remnants from my roots in photography and graphic design.

It appears my work has come full-circle. What began as child’s play and non-objective exploration has taken on a more defiant voice and commentary.  The world I work, live and play in uses its own form of materials to cover, scratch, and hide. I desire that the strength of my work be a voice, that  “stirs the pot” with thoughtful reaction, to both social and political inequality.